Determination of trace level organic contamination leached from HDPE containers used for semiconductor solvents and recovery and identification of organic residues on wafer surfaces using these contaminated solvents

Date Published 2023 | Conference materials

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Experimental work showing leaching of contaminants from containers + impact on wafer.​ Sensitive analytical techniques can detect trace organic contaminants in semiconductor solvents with detection limits of low parts per trillion. These techniques can be implemented in online analytical systems which will enable the continuous monitoring of solvents prior to their use in the fabrication process. Controlling HMWO in solvents is becoming increasingly critical – can be precursors.​

Authors: Brianna Dufek, Austin Schultz, Jake Unnerstall, Suhas Ketkar, Kyle Uhlmeyer,
Tags: SemiconductorsOrganic ContaminationOrganic LeachingHigh Purity Chemicals

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