Date joined: 2022


Port Washington, NY, USA

Company size

5000+ employees


Technology and equipment suppliers


Acquired by Danaher in 2015, Pall is a leading technology manufacturer of filtration, separation, and point-of-use purification solutions, for chemicals, gas, and water. Its filters remove particles throughout the manufacturing stages, such as during wet etching, lithography, chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP), as well as providing UPW pretreatment and ultrafiltration. Pall supports R&D within the industry by participating in IRDS UPW taskforce studies to test current filters and work towards solutions for emerging particle precursors. Due to shifting industrial focus on effluent quality, Pall is also running pilots on treating hydrofluoric acid waste streams with hollow fibre membranes.

In summer 2022, Pallannounced a $100 million initial investment for a new manufacturing facility in Singapore which will produce filtration, separation and purification solutions for advanced node semiconductor manufacturers. The facility will primarily manufacture filtration for lithography and wet-etch processes. Phase one construction will begin in summer 2022, with high-volume manufacturing expected by the start of 2024.

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