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Boise, ID, USA

Company size

5000+ employees


Facility owners & chip design


Micron Technology is an advanced manufacturer and designer for memory and storage products globally. Micron operates in four segments: Computer and Networking Business Unit, Mobile Business Unit, Storage Business Unit, and Embedded Business Unit. The company offers memory and storage technologies under the Micron and Crucial brands. Micron has manufacturing facilities located in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. By 2024, Micron intends to implement extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) in some of its fabrication plants.

Water Strategy

Micron has a target of reusing, recycling, or restoring 100% of water used in its operations - with an interim goal of 75% by 2030. To do this, they will enhance water reuse and recycling in facilities, as well as engage in water restoration locally. Their manufacturing sites generates ultrapure water from a combination of recycled water from cleaner rinses, as well as local raw water sources.

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